Top 6 Trending Home Based Business Ideas in Dubai

Dubai has been one of the top business destinations for decades. The emirate offers a plethora of investment options to ex-pat and resident entrepreneurs. Identifying the right field, undertaking meticulous study, and investing after careful calculations can be a rewarding decision. Guidance and comprehensive support from business setup services in Dubai would be beneficial for complying with the formalities in the shortest time. And commencing fruitful business operations at an ideal location. Home based business setup and demand for home business license in Dubai are expanding nowadays. There are many profitable home based business ideas in Dubai, that could carve the entrepreneur inside you.

Kiltons business setup services has been one of the top firms in Dubai aiding company formation. Our immensely experienced professionals will play a significant role in making your venture successful. The home-based business also offers exceptional growth prospects. Choose the one that meets your passion and enjoy successful entrepreneurship. Let’s have a look at the top 6 trending home based business ideas in Dubai. 

1. Freelance Services

Freelancing is a perfect option if you have the qualification and experience in a particular field. The formalities for a freelance business is similar to a normal company formation. You will require a freelance permit to commence the business. Talk to us to know more about the licensing process.

2. Home-baked Food Items

Those who are passionate about cooking can consider this home-based business. It would be advantageous to concentrate on one particular item, viz. cookies, cakes, or bread, initially. Once you have cemented your identity as a prominent baker, you may expand to other products as well. Check around your location and talk to the bakeries and restaurants for selling the products. Selling online is a viable alternative. 

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3. Become a Social Media Influencer

Influencer marketing is the new mantra. Brands are using social media influencers to get the word out about their new products or augment the popularity of the existing ones. Recognizing the rise in this new marketing methodology, the visionary Dubai government has introduced a new license; Influencer license. Reach out to us to know the details of the said license and discuss the process for obtaining the same. 

4. Consultant

People would require advice and guidance on the varying field. Reliable consultancy services have outstanding growth probabilities. Although it doesn’t require any specific qualification, the experience in the field will matter a lot. Establishing a positive identity is of paramount importance to be a successful consultant. Get the requisite license in the jurisdiction of your choice and start providing the service. 

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5. Hair and Beauty Salon

Pursue some easy and quick business set up steps and start a hair beauty salon in Dubai. The high number of beauty-conscious people is a boon for the beautician industry. With adequate qualifications and experience in the field, you can garner name and publicity quickly.  

6. Handyman Services

Requirement of technicians for repair and maintenance of pipelines, electrical items and other facilities at home and office can arise anytime. Starting a professional firm that provides handyman services would be a relief to many. You can set up a handyman services business, after obtaining the relevant business license in Dubai. By offering responsible support to the clients, the business is expected to flourish in no time.

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How to start a business from home?

Even though setting up a home-based business in Dubai is an unfussy process, our assistance will be of great help to you. The professionals at Kiltons will carry out all the business set up formalities, including gaining special approvals and help you in company formation. The basic procedure for company formation is:

  • Finalize the business activity
  • Confirm the location and jurisdiction
  • Register the trading name (check the naming regulations before forwarding the proposed names to the authority)
  • Obtain initial approval from the Department of Economic Development (DED) or the concerned Free Zone authority, depending on the jurisdiction
  • Gain approvals or permissions, if required
  • Submit the application along with requisite documents
  • Obtain a business license and start the business activities

Why Kiltons Business setup services?

Kiltons Business Setup Services was established in 1999, to support resident and immigrant immigrants to realize their business dreams. We have been one of the leading agencies, aiding company formation in the UAE, for more than two decades. With unparalleled experience, transparent dealings, and trustworthy services, we could attain the image as the best agency in the country.

We maintain a cordial relationship with the ruling royal family and the officials in the authority. This has been significant in extending optimal support to our clients. We assure you strong and credible support in every activity for company formation in Dubai. 

Hope you liked this article on top 6 Trending home based business ideas in Dubai. Contact us right now and get the complete guidance for your dream business setup in Dubai.

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