District 2020: Benefits for Entrepreneurs in Dubai

Expo 2020 was the big plan of Dubai to bring in more and more investors into Dubai and show how effective Dubai is as an economic space. And yes, they were immensely successful in showcasing one of the best business expos of all time. The Expo 2020 was a global fair having a footfall of around 11 million visitors from all over the world. Amidst the pandemic crisis, this is a credible turnout. 

After the Expo 2020 ends in March 2022, the place will be transformed into an exclusive urban community catering to early-stage startups, medium-sized enterprises, large corporations, families, professionals and with the ultimate aim to turn it into a natural hub of coexistence. 

District 2020 is to revamp the thoughts we have on the future of business development. It is uniquely designed to enhance the people and accelerate innovation through tapping into the exponential levels of growth opportunities that come by. The key sectors that come under the purview will be the Internet of Things (IoT), Artificial intelligence, Blockchain Technology, smart mobility and manufacturing techniques etc. 

District 2020 has also announced a global entrepreneurship programme called Scale2Dubai. The programme ultimately tries to find the seeding and early-stage startups in the Middle East and North Africa region. Adapting to a very business-intensive environment can help these businesses upscale themselves.  

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District 2020 is also planning to equip itself not just for the business crowd but also for the social crowd as well. Engagements that promote F&B, entertainment and tourism will help the civil crowd to have reasons to visit District 2020. The strategic location of District 2020 will also have a definite impact on the growth of this entrepreneurial space. 

The business ecosystem District 2020 tries to provide is inclusive of everything that a business needs to thrive. It will have all the key industries like transportation, logistics, construction, tourism, real estate etc. The availability of so many industries under one umbrella will create a harmonious coexistence. 

Coming back to the Scale2Dubai, the venture is looking forward to attracting startups and small businesses; to offer them eventful business opportunities and a smooth entry and acceptance into the world-quality business sector in Dubai. It is going to give them avenues to grow at a tremendous rate. Every year on the free equity programme, around 80-100 businesses will be selected to have a dream opening of their business venture. The major benefits of having a space in Scale2Dubai will be two years of free working space, business setup support, guidance for scalability, networking opportunities, access to funding and connecting with the global players. 

The Major Benefits of District 2020

1. A Global Introduction

By accessing space in District 2020, businesses will be able to have global recognition in a nick span of time. As District 2020 caters to global leaders, small businesses and startups can now have access to worldly recognition which can elevate their business to another level. New businesses will also have greater access to potential investors and prospective clients at the same time. The new-age business will also have to keep a close watch on the various business strategies adopted by the business giants, which can help them devise such methods to promote their own growth. 

2. Creating Meaningful Collaborations

The District 2020 is augmented with the success of Expo 2020. This will act as a major attraction and help the new-age businesses to connect with other business collaborations. Expo 2020’s highly exclusive attraction which was the “ Business Matchmaking App” has the potential to help businesses to attract positive leads which will be helpful in the growth of the business. The all-inclusive platform of District 2020 will ensure that there is inert connectivity between all the possible players in the business forefront. 

3. UAE equates to a business hub

UAE is slowly creating itself a dominant face in the business markets concerning Africa, the Middle East, Europe and Southeast Asia. Dubai is also a good market player, by providing entrepreneurs with tax benefits, options for better finances, and great investment support. They have also amended their rules to create a functional environment for entrepreneurs by making business opportunities 100% foreign ownership. 

4. Exposure to Global Innovations

By stepping up in District 2020, entrepreneurs are subjected to a wide arena of modern business dealings. They could now experience various dimensions of the business strategies. Expo 2020 itself was a global outpour of the various innovative business structures prevalent worldwide. The showcase of a vast range of strategic innovations and subjecting it to it on a regular basis can bring about an effective change in the perceptions of the business community.

5. Become Part of a New Era of Business Formulation

Companies who want to get full advantage of the new age business status have to become part of the Expo 2020 benefitted environment of District 2020. District 2020 gives a massive opportunity to all budding entrepreneurs to avail of two years of free workspace, and immense funding opportunities, and you will be pleased to know that this is not all. 

6. Revamp your business growth

District 2020 will give you away from the brand awareness that you could only get by putting in a lot of life hours. The brand value of Dubai and the Expo 2020 can act as your free pass into the global economy. Establishing your market presence through District 2020 and creating a digital presence will help you take your business way forward. 

7. Partnerships and collaborations

District 2020 will help you find a definite space in the global forum by introducing you to the elite crowd of globally recognised businesses. Such collaborations can help you earn a special position in the avenue of global business development.

8. Create a legacy

It is not always that you can come across such exclusive opportunities to provide tremendous growth opportunities. District 2020 presents you with a rare opportunity where you can achieve spontaneous growth which yesteryear businesses took years to build. Tapping into such an opportunity at the right time can help you reach your business to greater heights and with the chance of making a name for yourself.

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