E-Trader License in Dubai: A Complete Guide

The Digital revolution has erased the geographical barriers and boundaries remarkably. Popularized internet and wide connectivity have opened a plethora of opportunities to explore. Entrepreneurs, freelancers and professionals have been utilizing the benefits offered by the web world to amass personal, professional and business growth. E-trader license in Dubai is the entryway to get on board and gain the best outcomes.

Getting an e-commerce or e-trader license in Dubai would authorize you to start a business sitting at home. You can make use of affordable, as well as, free online marketing methodologies to reach out to millions of customers across regions. Dubai, being a highly developed emirate with a populace having exemplary per capita income, the possibility of business growth is sky-high.

What is an E-trader License?

An e-trader license is an authorization from the responsible authorities for commencing the online business activity. The Department of Economic Development (DED) is the authorized body for issuing e-commerce licenses in Dubai.  

You will have to apply for the subject license as per the prescribed procedure, along with the requisite documents. The business activities planned have to be detailed in the application. The business plan, the documents submitted and the individual’s eligibility would be perused by the DED prior to issuing the e-trader license in Dubai. The e-trader license is ideally issued in three to five business days if all the data and documents provided are correct.

Why Can’t I Do Business Online without an E-trader License?

E-trader license is the approval for a person to do online business and trading. It has been introduced to regularize the commercial and business activities in the digital platforms. Acting as a means to identify the real businessperson with a fake one, the e-trader license ensures:

  • The customer is dealing with a genuine seller
  • Reduces the possibility of fake products
  • Keep the seller legally bound in case of any discrepancies or disputes
  • Affirms the faith in the online entity

Who Should Apply for an E-trader License in Dubai?

The authority has stipulated the eligibility criteria for an e-trader license in Dubai. You can get an e-commerce license and start your business right away if you meet the conditions.

  • The applicant should be of a minimum of 21 years of age
  • The applicant should be a resident of UAE or a national of UAE or any of the GCC countries
  • There are two types of e-trader licenses viz. Commercial License and Professional License
  • Emiratis and GCC nationals can apply for both types of e-trader licenses in Dubai. However, the ex-pats, are authorized only for professional e-trader licenses.

Who All Are Benefitted with E-trader License in Dubai?

People from different walks of life can obtain e-trader licenses in Dubai to achieve business goals. Housewives, professionals and individuals who don’t want to invest in renting commercial or office space can explore this wonderful opportunity.

  • Ejari or tenancy contract is not necessary, since the business can be operated from home space
  • The persons who want to use social media platforms for the sale of products or services
  • Homemakers thinking of selling homemade products can get an e-commerce license in Dubai to kick off the business
  • Baked goods, handmade jewellery, organic products etc can be sold with the e-trader license. Having a large customer base, looking for such products, can garner you exemplary sales
  • Professionals who want to offer their service from home can go for an e-trader license

Documents Required for E-trader License Application in Dubai

The documents required for applying for an e-commerce license in Dubai are:

  • Application form
  • Copies of passport of a businessperson (s)
  • Two passport size photograph (s)
  • Valid Emirates ID
  • Proof of residence

How to Apply for an E-trader License in Dubai?

The DED is the authorized organization for issuing e-commerce licenses in Dubai. You can reach out to Kiltons if you want professional support for obtaining an e-trader license in Dubai. Our experienced team would support you in the best possible way, besides concluding the official formalities in a quick time.

The procedure for an e-trader license in Dubai is enumerated below:

  • Go to the DED website and create a profile
  • Enter all the details about your social media accounts and provide the additional info sought
  • Complete the registration formalities
  • Pay the e-trader license fee
  • License would be issued in 3-5 days, which is valid for one year. The subject license has to be renewed annually
  • Connect with us if you have any queries or doubts regarding the e-commerce license in Dubai

What are the Benefits of E-trader License in Dubai?

Great growth awaits you if you are willing to put in the best efforts and offer honest services and products to customers. Dubai has been the lap of development for many entrepreneurs.

The benefits of an e-trader license in Dubai are:

  • Excellent growth prospects with a high number of consumers and customers
  • Highly developed digital scenario, which the business can explore
  • Online business activities have been growing at a phenomenal rate
  • Customers opting for online shopping has been increased multiple times since the last decade
  • Quick issuance of e-trader license
  • No complex formalities for setting up an e-commerce business
  • No requirement of ejari or tenancy contract

Kiltons Business Setup Services, the leading firm since 1999, believes that this is the best time to obtain an e-trader license in Dubai and commence the business operations. Digital transactions and online business activities have elevated with the onset of the pandemic. With so many customers turning into ordering online, the business can become highly successful if clients are delivered with reliable products and services.

To discuss more on e-commerce licenses in Dubai, you may dial us now.

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