Benefits of Setting Up a Business in Ajman Free Zone (AFZ)

Located close to four seaports and two international airports, Ajman Free Zone (AFZ) has been one of the most preferred business jurisdictions in UAE. Commencing operations in 1988, it has been the home of many renowned entities for more than three decades.

AFZ allows businesses in a wide range of sectors. You can find several top organizations and multinational companies having their trading entities, industrial units, professional service firms, and e-commerce solutions established here. Obtaining a trading license in Ajman Free Zone is quite easy, as well as, affordable. That means you can set up a company in AFZ without shelling out a big amount.

You may be surprised to know that Ajman is the smallest emirate in the UAE. Nonetheless, it has always been the first option for ex-pat entrepreneurs, besides Dubai. Just spread over an area of 259 sq kilometres, Ajman might be the right location for your business as well. Read on to have an insight into the benefits of starting a company in AFZ.

Quick and Convenient Documentation and Business Registration Process

Expats can start a business in Ajman Free Zone in about two days. You need to visit the free zone authority only once, for signing the documents. The remaining process can be completed remotely, by your team or by a reliable business setup service like Kiltons. All the documents including the business plan have to be submitted for avoiding any issues with the business registration. 

Business Options in Diverse Sectors

You can start a company or a business firm in the sector you want. AFZ has minimal restrictions concerning the type of businesses approved. Expats can set up industrial, professional, or commercial businesses, as they want. You are also permitted to start an e-commerce business.

Cost-effective Business Setup

Ajman Free Zone would be ideal for those planning to test the water, with a small business. Setup a small entity in AFZ and grow it with your efforts, planning and strategy. Business of any size is welcome in this jurisdiction. AFZ would be one of the most cost-effective business jurisdictions in the entire country.

Multiple Shareholders Permitted

AFZ allows up to five shareholders in the company. Start a limited liability company with partners, if you lack the funds to set it up alone.

Low Labour Cost

The reduced labour cost would be beneficial in keeping the working expenses in control. Both blue-collar and white-collar workforce can be hired at phenomenally affordable costs.  This would eventually improve your profit.

Residence Visa Offered for Entrepreneurs and their Families

Entrepreneurs and their families having a business in AFZ are authorized for a resident visa. Moreover, employees in the company can also get the resident visa for themselves as well as their families.  The multiple visa option is another advantage offered by AFZ. You can connect with us to know more about the types of visas offered, the process for the same etc.

Extensive Global Reach

The airports and seaports are located so strategically that you can explore them for extensive global reach. Export and import of products, raw materials and equipment are easy with Ajman Free Zone located at a strategic position. Businesses can flourish greatly, with the connectivity the zone offers. Companies can sell products globally without any impediments to transportation, import raw materials for industrial requirements, and undertake commercial activities seamlessly. 

Hassle-free Process for Opening of Corporate Bank Account

Opening a corporate bank account is a complex process in many jurisdictions. Nevertheless, it is simple and easy in the case of Ajman Free Zone. Expats can open a corporate bank account by pursuing the minimal procedure. Such an effortless process is not possible in almost all of the other free zones in the UAE.

No Mandatory Government Audit

There is no mandatory government audit on the companies in AFZ. With the freedom offered to the businesses, optimal profit can be gained by pursuing innovative business strategies. The freedom from tight government audits will act as a relief and aid you in focussing completely on the business development.

Repatriation of Capital

Expats are allowed to repatriate 100% of the capital. They can transfer the money to the home country without paying anything to the authorities. This would help entrepreneurs take the whole investment back if they change the business plans or for investment in any other locations, with changes in geopolitical scenarios.

These are some of the major advantages of starting a company in the Ajman Free Zone. You can contact us for a detailed discussion on the benefits of setting up a business in AFZ. With an elaborate experience in business setup formalities and other related aspects,  we could be your right guide and support.

Kiltons Business Setup Services – Your Reliable Company Formation Support in UAE

Kiltons has been the top business setup service in UAE since 1999. We have been providing end-to-end support to ex-pat investors aspiring to grow abundantly. Of course, the UAE has been a blessed land for entrepreneurs for decades. Numerous emigrant investors made a fortune with businesses in the emirates.

Our team focuses on guiding and serving businesspersons optimally. All our services are designed with this objective in mind. You can start a company in AFZ and reap the best benefit offered by the free zone authority.

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