How to Hire a Maid in Dubai, UAE?

Many who are living in Dubai are ignorant of the rules to sponsor or hire a maid in Dubai. Kiltons, renowned as one of the leading business setup consultants in UAE explains the major procedures involved in recruiting a maid for those who are interested to know. 

The job opportunities in Dubai are not limited to innovation and technology sectors where professionals have a major role. As the professionals are required to spend more time in their professional domain, matters related to domestic supervision remain unattended. And this scenario is one of the major underlying factors that provides job opportunities for domestic helpers or maids. Your limited presence or attention should not compromise the daily household chores. It will be a feasible option to appoint someone experienced and trustworthy to manage the activities like cooking meals, taking care of your kids etc. The demand for maids is growing exponentially in the UAE. But many of the residents are uninformed about the procedures and formalities connected with hiring a maid. 

Obtaining a maid visa in Dubai enables an individual the legal sanction to work in a foreign nation as a maid or a domestic helper. And this legal sanction is mandatory. In the UAE, you may hire a maid from a list of countries but the rules vary depending upon the country. You have the opportunity to hire either a full-time or a part-time maid in Dubai, UAE.

Prerequisites to Hiring a Maid in Dubai

Any individual planning to hire a maid in Dubai or UAE should satisfy certain basic prerequisites. And they are listed below:

  1. You may hire a maid from the following group of countries. You are not supposed to recruit from a country which is not listed in the group. 
      • India
      • Sri Lanka
      • Philippines
      • Ethiopia
      • Bangladesh

  2. The head of the family or the sponsor (normally male) is only allowed to hire a maid. 
  3. The sponsor should satisfy certain salary-related guidelines. The individual hiring the maid should earn a minimum salary of Dh6000. If the individual has an accommodation facility, the minimum salary requirement is Dh5000. 
  4. Bachelors are not allowed to hire a maid. 
  5. The wage structure of the maid should comply with the nationality of the maid. Each country listed in the group has a specific wage structure. 
  6. The maid should be not less than 30years of age. 

Apply for the Following

  • Residence Visa
  • Medical Fitness Report
  • Emirates ID
  • Domestic Worker card
  • Residence stamp on Maid’s passport

Documents Needed to Acquire a Maid Visa

  • Copy of maid’s passport and photo (passport size)
  • Sponsor’s marriage certificate (attested)
  • Labour Contract 
  • The sponsor is not supposed to have any relation with the maid. And this should be specified via an affidavit. 
  • Tenancy contract – that specifies the availability of 2 bedrooms. 
  • Both the sponsor and his spouse should submit the copy of respective passports. 
  • Sponsor’s IBAN
  • The sponsor should submit the original Emirates ID
  • Electricity bill of the sponsor
  • Water bill of the sponsor

The requirements vary for sponsors who are UAE nationals or working in the private and government sector of the UAE. Refer to the GDRFA website for the latest information. 

You are supposed to satisfy all the aforementioned prerequisites and documentation to acquire a maid visa. Violation of any rules or insufficient documentation can negatively affect maid visa approval. 

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