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Similar to other countries, Dubai Maid Visa is a legal certificate that permits a person to work as domestic labour in Dubai. Hiring a maid or a domestic helper in Dubai can become a daunting task if you are not clear about the associated rules and regulations. Now let us make it clear, the individual who plans to hire a maid in Dubai or UAE is supposed to sponsor the maid. A good majority of the expat residents are not clear about how to hire a maid. Those who are planning on sponsoring a maid need to understand that there are certain rules and procedures which need to be adhered to. Kiltons visa experts help you comprehend everything about Dubai maid visa or domestic workers' visa.

The UAE government has in place the UAE Domestic Labour Law that specifies the legality connected with hiring a maid or nanny in the UAE. You may hire a full-time maid to take care of your aged parents or kids, or a part-time maid to perform the daily house-hold chores. Whatever be the requirement, the sponsoring task should go through a series of documentation. Any error or inadequacy in accomplishing the formalities may negatively affect your sponsoring endeavour.

If you are looking for a maid or domestic help, sponsoring maid services in Dubai is the best way to initiate. Beforehand, you must know the guidelines associated with getting a maid visa in Dubai and UAE.

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  • Instructions to sponsor a maid in Dubai
    Hiring a maid in Dubai is a serious affair and the process requires certain accountability and diligence from the part of the sponsor. The individual should have the adequate financial stability to be a sponsor as the process involves considerable monetary investment. The sponsor should be able to provide the specified wage and other assistance to the maid.
  • Criteria to sponsor a maid in Dubai

    The sponsor should meet certain criteria to sponsor a maid or nanny in Dubai and here are they:

    • The monthly salary of the sponsor should be a minimum of AED 6000 or AED 5000 with housing facility.
    • The sponsor should be the head of the family and normally a male.
    • The sponsors are supposed to hire a maid only from a specified group of countries. And those countries are Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Philippines and India. The sponsor should meet the minimum wage requirement specified by each country. It is also mandatory to meet the age requirement of the maid specified by each country. Expect in the case of the Philippines, the maid should satisfy the minimum age requirement of 18 years. The maid hired from the Philippines should be in the age category of 30 to 60. The list of countries and their corresponding minimum wage requirements are listed below. However, there is no upper-limit prescribed in connection with the maid’s salary. The sponsors are allowed to provide higher wages if they wish to.
      Sri Lanka – AED 825
      Bangladesh – AED 750
      Indonesia – AED 800
      Philippines – AED 1,400
      India – AED 1,100
  • Additional responsibilities of the sponsor

    There are certain additional responsibilities conferred on the sponsor. And those include:

    • The maids’ salary must be issued within 10 days of the due date specified in the contract.
    • The maid is entitled to a day’s paid leave in a single week.
    • The maid is entitled to medical insurance
    • On a single day, the maid can avail a rest-time of 12 hours and that includes a rest-time of successive 8 hours.
    • In a year the maid is entitled to a compensated vacation. The duration of the same is 30 days.
    • Another 30 days is allotted on medical grounds in a year.
    • The sponsor should take care of the maid’s accommodation.
    • The sponsor should take care of the maid’s food-related expenses. It is the responsibility of the sponsor to provide a good meal.
    • The maid is entitled to a to-and-fro home ticket reimbursement once in 2 years.
    • The outfit that suits the work which should be funded by the sponsor.
    • IDs, passports and other proofs of identity.
  • Tadbeer centres maid recruiting services

    You may initiate the formalities either via an agency or without external assistance. There are specific benefits and drawbacks associated with selecting either of the methods like the fees involved, the duration of getting it done etc. If you have enough time, you may do it all by yourself or else hire an agency.

    You may get the job done via Tadbeer centres. Tadbeer centres are the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation licensed service centres that assist in the recruitment and employment of domestic labourers or maids. The service centres are present in every Emirate and both the foreign residents and UAE nationals may avail their services. These centres are easily reachable and they offer multiple packages based on the requirement of the applicant. These service centres operate under the regulation of the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation and therefore there is no question of non- compliance with the laws.

    Entrusting the formalities to a Tabdeer centre can be the simplest way of doing it. The external agencies pursue the A to Z formalities connected with the recruitment of domestic worker like visa issuance, air ticket reservation etc. Hiring a domestic worker in Dubai via an external agency may cost you around AED 5000. The fees may vary based on your requirements from AED 3000 to AED 6000.

    You need not hire an external agency provided you have already found the maid. When the candidate is previously fixed, you may perform the rest of the formalities all by yourself. And these formalities include visa issuance, travel ticket reservation etc.

  • Documents needed to acquire maid’s Residency Permit

    The General Directorate of Residency and Foreign Affairs, Dubai or GDRFA is the government agency in charge of issuing the Residency Permit in Dubai. The sponsor is required to submit the below-mentioned documents to GDRFA, Dubai.

    • Get the visa application from an approved typing centre
    • The sponsor is required to submit the visa (copy) and passport (copy) of both the sponsor and the domestic helper.
    • The passport photos of both the parties involved
    • Sponsor’s bank account details that depict last 3 months’ transactions
    • Labour contract of the sponsor(copy)
    • Affidavit of non-relationship (if the domestic worker shares the same nationality)
    • Health insurance of the sponsor (copy)
    • Tenancy agreement of the sponsor (copy)
    • Medical Fitness certificate of the maid (issued by maid’s country)
    • Proof regarding the sponsor’s salary

    Please refer the official website of the GDFRA, Dubai for the latest updates regarding Residency Permit.

  • The formalities to bring a domestic worker to Dubai

    If you have confirmed the domestic worker and associated documents ready, you may start pursuing the official formalities to bring the person to Dubai. You may accomplish this via Tasheel Centres or GDRFA website. Given below are formalities you need to acquire a maid visa in Dubai.

    • In order to enter the UAE, the domestic worker needs a valid Employment Permit. Apply for the same.
    • When the domestic worker reaches the UAE, the sponsor should get the Medical Fitness statement.
    • Get the residence stamp on the passport of the domestic worker.
    • The sponsor should get the Domestic Worker Identity Card.
    • Issuance of Emirates ID for the domestic worker
  • Domestic worker/maid Visa renewal in Dubai

    The sponsor must renew the Dubai maid visa on a yearly basis. The renewal can be done online or via an authorized typist. You may get it done via a typist by submitting the renewal and medical request application. The sponsor should conduct the medical fitness test of the maid to be compliant with the laws.

  • Maid Visa Cancellation in Dubai

    You have two options to cancel the Maid Visa. One option is via the airport and the other via GDRFA. Doing it through the GDRFA lets you complete the process in advance. And you need to submit 3 documents for GDRFA submission. And the three documents are listed below:

    • Labour card of the maid
    • Passport of the maid
    • Typed Residence cancel form

    Submit the documents to the Residency Section of the GDRFA. Pay the required fees involved in the process.

    After fees payment, the cancellation receipt will be issued which are two in numbers. Hand over one of the receipts to the maid. The maid is required to produce the cancellation receipt at the Airport Immigration department. The maid may conduct the boarding and departure procedures as usual. The visa cancellation occurs at the time of clearance. The other cancellation receipt is meant for the sponsor. The sponsor may use the same to obtain the GDRFA deposit.

    Now, here is the option to pursue the visa cancellation via the airport. Get the boarding pass for the maid and get in touch with the GDRFA office. Terminate the Residence visa by paying the required fees. Hand over the cancelled Residence copy to the maid. The maid should produce the cancellation copy at the Airport Immigration department. The sponsor can rely on the other copy to obtain the GDRFA deposit. Adjust your airport-entry timing so that you get sufficient time to pursue the formalities.

    The formalities connected with issuance, renewal and cancellation of the Dubai housemaid visa can be a bit confusing and require considerable legwork. Get the assistance of an experienced business consultant to save your precious time. Kiltons business consultants are well-equipped to guide you with the right Dubai maid visa services. Give us a call.

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