Step By Step Instructions to Gain a Business Visa in Dubai

UAE has always been promoting business ventures. The government in the country has been focussing on creating policies conducive for the establishment and development of business. The authorities have modified the visa regulations for it to benefit the businesspersons. 

A business visa is a long-term visa issued to businessmen and their dependents for a longer period of time to conduct business in the land of the UAE. It is part of the golden visa program to boost the economic activities in the country. By reading this blog post titled Step by Step Instructions to Gain a Business Visa in Dubai you can understand the procedures to be completed to gain a business visa in UAE.

How to Gain a Business Visa in Dubai 

The regulations stipulate that the person applying for a Dubai business visa should have prior experience in the field of business. He or she needs to produce the evidence to the competent authority whilst submitting the application for a business visa. The person applying for a business visa should substantiate that s/he owns a business or owned one in the past. Else, the person must have owned/ owning major shares in an entity or a member of the top echelon of any firm.

The individual should be arriving in Dubai/ UAE with firm plans to set up a business. He or she must put up the business ideas and way ahead to the authority for perusal. The laws of the land do not limit the business visa to citizens from any particular country. Any national can apply for a business visa in the stipulated format along with adequate proofs. 

Having said that, the authorities will not issue the business visa immediately. The application will undergo thorough verification for confirming the claims. The federal authority undertakes eligibility tests of the individual to check that the applicant has the qualification and quality to undertake business activities successfully. Subsequent to the tests, a medical check-up is also a prerequisite for individuals to obtain a business visa. 

There are dedicated committees for carrying out background checks, verification of the application, and confirmation of credentials mentioned in the application. On completion of all the verification processes, a business visa will be issued to the individual. 

Advantages of Business Visa in Dubai

A business visa gives several advantages to the individual. The individual holding a business visa can set up a business in the UAE. With the multiple-entry visa, you can carry out extensive travel in and out of the country towards establishing your entity. Besides, the individual can nominate up to 03 employees for residency in the country. The individual can sponsor their dependents after observing the laid down regulations.

However, the business visa application process is a drawn-out one, which will require support from credible business setup services. Assigning the task of the business visa process to Kiltons Business Setup Services will help you in several ways.

Applying for Business Visa in Dubai

The applicant must log in to the golden visa website and apply for a business visa online. Dubai based incubator, presently Area2071, must approve your proposal before you proceed with business visa application formalities. Once they approve the visa nomination, you will get a notification regarding the same.

You can pursue the remaining formalities on receipt of notification. Subsequent steps will include the submission of documents, evidence to prove your business background, and so on. The activities have to be performed through the official website of the Federal Authority of Identity and Citizenship. 

On approval from the official authorities regarding the acceptance of the visa application, the applicant will get further directives about the steps to be followed for issuance of a business visa. The business visa in Dubai will be initially valid for 06 months for a non-UAE resident, and 01 months for a UAE resident. The individual is expected to learn about the business set up in the country, business scenario, and settle down. 

It may be difficult for an outsider to carry out the procedure as the individual will be confused about the same. Support from business setup services will be beneficial during such a situation. Select Kiltons, the leading business setup services in Dubai, for helping you to obtain a business visa in Dubai without any delay. 

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Obtain Your Dubai Business Visa Easily With Kiltons

Kiltons Business Setup Services LLC have extensive experience in supporting business across the UAE. We have proficient professionals who are well-versed with procedures and processes for concluding formalities for business visa and setting up of businesses in Dubai and other regions in the UAE. 

Our professionals will prepare the application on behalf of you and submit it to the authorities along with requisite documentary evidence. Our team will work as if well-oiled machinery to obtain a business visa within the shortest possible time. You can contact us to know more about the business visa and discuss the way ahead. 

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