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The role played by investors

“An idea can change your life” – it’s certainly true. But when it comes to setting up a business, an idea alone cannot change your life. You need funds to implement those ideas. At times of delay in getting hold of the necessary funds, your idea cannot be implemented. And that’s a universal truth irrespective of the type or size of the business. There are several funding options available but for the time being, we shall stick on to the relevance of investor funds. Getting sufficient funds to kick-start your business can be a tough task, especially for a young entrepreneur.

Another interesting fact is that even though people seek investment from investors, some of them are really doubtful about the investor’s “generosity”. They fear that an investor’s funding may compromise their business interest. And therefore, they hesitate to accept the funding. Well, it is not always true considering the benefits that you attain out of investor funding. When it comes to setting up a business in Dubai, the nation attracts foreign investors with immense business opportunities to expand and flourish. Acquiring a Dubai investor visa provides you with the freedom to become a business investor who can enter, stay, get involved in business projects, and exit a nation. Kiltons is one of the leading business consultants in UAE, which offers impeccable visa services for both individuals and corporates. Keep reading to know more about Dubai investor visa and procedures involved in getting the visa.

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Instant money – the business or startup venture attains the working capital without any trouble. Insufficient working capital is considered as one of the major reasons for the failure of startups.

A good network of professionals and investors – the investor has access to other successful investors, entrepreneurs and individuals who belong to all sorts of domains. The mentoring and guidance that you get from a seasoned investor is beyond any description.

Business plans and tactics – The investor has gone through all the business scenarios beforehand. As the investor’s money is involved in your business, the investor would show serious concern and diligence on various matters affecting the business. The investor helps you streamline the business plans towards success.

  • Why you should invest in Dubai, UAE?

    There are multiple reasons why you should invest in Dubai. And some of the reasons are very evident. The geographical location and the connectivity offer Dubai a clear-cut advantage. The peculiar geographical location makes it easily accessible from Africa, Europe and Asia. The immaculate infrastructure, world class-connectivity, well-equipped airports and seaports make Dubai one of the most sought-after investment destinations. And Dubai is not just a business hub. It’s a traveller’s paradise too. Dubai has got into the 2018 “Top 10 World’s most visited cities” defeating renowned travel destinations like New York, Amsterdam and Las Vegas.

    The stringent laws and their efficient execution restrict the crime rates which makes the city safe to live. The investor remains confident about the security of his valuable possessions or assets. UAE is considered one of the safest countries not only in the middle east but in the world. UAE secured the 11 th rank in the “Ease of Doing Business 2019” ranking. The UAE enjoys political stability since its formation and the credit goes to the visionary leadership. Another worth-mentioning aspect that attracts investors in large numbers to Dubai, UAE is the investor-friendly taxation policy. Income tax exemptions, complete repatriation benefits, 100% foreign ownership benefits, the recent launch of Investor’s residency visa for an extended period have a huge influence on the investors and entrepreneurs all over the world.

  • A brief insight into Investor Visa

    A Dubai investor visa is issued for expatriate investors to promote foreign investments in the Emirates. The investor visa legalizes the whole process of expatriate investor’s entry to the UAE, residence, implementing the business endeavours, and finally leaving the country. The investor visa enables the investor to carry out various business endeavours in the UAE.

    The Ministry of UAE issues the investor visa for a period of 3 years. The UAE consulate stamping on the visa is mandatory. For example, let us consider Dubai Investor visa. The foreign investor who needs to apply for the Dubai Investor visa is required to deposit a fixed amount that includes the Dubai visa fees. In this case, the deposit amount is AED 10,000. When the visa approaches the expiry, the investor is supposed to renew the same to enjoy the benefits in the future.

    For some reason, if the investor could not attain the estimated Return on Investment, the investor is entitled to cancel the particular visa.

  • Advantages of attaining an Investor visa

    The benefits of attaining an investor visa in Dubai, UAE are many and they are listed below.

    • The investor visa holder is exempted of corporate taxes
    • In the UAE, the investors are supposed to open a corporate bank account. The investor visa holders can accomplish the bank account opening formalities without difficulty.
    • The investor visa holders can enjoy complete profit and repatriation benefits.
    • The duration of holding investor visa can be extended.
    • The investor visa holder is entitled to conducting recruitment globally.
    • The visa holder can easily acquire the Emirates ID and Residence visa.
    • The investor need not produce a placement offer from a business establishment based in the UAE.
  • Procedures involved in issuing Investor visa

    A foreign investor has to apply for an investor visa to comply with the UAE laws. An investor’s visa is also called partner’s visa. Here are the procedures involved.

    • Submission of the Investor visa application form along with necessary documents.
    • Issuance of Visa
    • Undergoing medical examination
    • Applying for the Emirates ID
    • Stamping visa in the passport
  • Documents needed for issuing an Investor visa

    Several documents are needed for issuing an Investor visa. Separate documentation is required for issuing the Entry visa, conducting a medical examination and for visa stamping.

  • Documents required for issuing the Entry visa
    • Passport size photo
    • Copy of the trade license
    • Passport (copy)
    • LLCs should submit the MOA copy and the details of the partners
    • In connection with professional license, service agent agreement (copy) and partnership agreement (copy) should be submitted.
    • Copy of the Immigration Establishment card
    • Bank statement
    • Partners’/PRO’s Emirates ID
  • Documents needed for medical examination

    The investor is supposed to go through a medical examination as part of the official formality. And the documents required for the process are listed below.

    • Application duly typed
    • Copy of visa
    • Copy of passport
    • Passport size photograph
  • Documents required for visa stamping

    As the final formality, the visa is stamped in your passport. Here are the documents needed for the same.

    • Visa (original)
    • Original passport
    • Passport size photo
    • Application for Emirates ID
    • Medical record
    • Copy of the trade license
    • Details of the partners
    • LLC contract
    • Immigration Establishment card
  • Extended residence visa for investors in UAE

    The UAE government implemented an extended residence visa system for investors in the UAE in 2019. These are 5 years and 10 years residence visa for investors. The new 10 years investor’s visa was implemented based on certain guidelines and conditions regarding the investment amount. The guidelines state that the investor should invest a minimum of AED 10 million in the UAE as an investment deposit or company formation capital or on partnership endeavours.

    Based on the new system the investor attains a 10-year residence visa with complete business ownership. The 100% business ownership is applicable to the UAE mainland. Moreover, the assistance of a UAE national sponsor is not required to attain the 10-year investor visa. The visa renewal will take place automatically when it expires after the specified duration.

    The investor is also entitled to a 5-year visa based on certain conditions. And this visa is applicable in connection with property investment. The conditions are as follows:

    • The property should possess a minimum total value of AED 5 million.
    • The investor is not supposed to avail a loan for the purpose of investment.
    • The investor must keep hold of the property for a minimum of 3 years.
  • Kiltons Investor visa services

    Kiltons undertake a wide category of visa services. And the services comprise of the visa application process, visa stamping, cancellation of visa, extension procedures, renewal of visa etc. Please let us know your requirements to initiate the procedures. With the prime objective of helping entrepreneurs, manufacturers, and business aspirers to turn their dream business into a reality, Kiltons offers excellent business and financial consulting services in Dubai and across the UAE. 

    If you need any kind of services for an investor visa in Dubai, get in touch with Kiltons. Our visa experts will help you avail the best service.

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Dubai Investor Visa Services

Entrepreneurs have been flocking to Dubai, with the latest Dubai investor visa regulations in effect. The amended policy makes it simple and appealing to obtain an investor visa. Moreover, reliable investor visa services in Dubai can be hired for complying with the formalities, while you are busy with business decisions. Kiltons Business Setup Services offer exclusive visa services for ex-pat businesspersons.

Types of Dubai Investor Visa

Two types of investor visas are available in Dubai. You need to meet the eligibility criteria for applying for the Dubai investor visa.

10-year Dubai Investor Visa 

This long-term investor visa is for those with at least AED 10 million as an investment in Dubai public sector. The golden visa is authorized for those who are partners in any of the entities in the emirate, with the said amount invested. Note that, the AED 10 million should not be on a loan and this amount should be invested for a minimum of three years. Those ex-pats with specific skills, expertise, knowledge and experience can also apply for the golden visa. Get in touch with our investor visa services to know the eligibility criteria for professionals and process the visa request.

05-year Dubai Investor Visa

The minimum investment required to be eligible for a 5-year Dubai investor visa is AED 5 million. Those investing in the real estate sector can consider this investor visa option. The investment must be maintained for at least three years.

Requirements to set up Investor Visa in Dubai

The Dubai government has promulgated a streamlined process for the Dubai investor visa. Nonetheless, it would be better if you can hire investor visa services in Dubai for complying with the procedure for you. The professionals, well-versed with the documentation and formalities, would conclude the visa process in a short time. To get you the investor visa at the earliest.

Prepare the Application for the Dubai Investor Visa

A properly typewritten visa application is important. Avoid any mistakes or anomalies. Otherwise, the authority may reject the visa application. It is allowed to apply for a partner visa also if you own at least 25% of shares in a company in Dubai. The authorized typing centre would verify the documents to confirm your identity. The Dubai Immigration Council is the authorized body for the perusal and approval of the Dubai Investor Visa. The organization will forward an email of confirmation when the visa is approved.

Changing the Status

The General Directorate of Residency and Foreign Affairs (GDRFA) in Dubai approves the status change. Post the Dubai investor visa application, you can apply for a change status. The approval from GDRFA is required for the same. It may appear a complex process for you. We suggest you consult the professionals from our Dubai investor visa services for completing the formalities without any errors.

Complete the Medical Examination Process for the Dubai Investor Visa

A mandatory medical examination has been directed for those applying for the Dubai investor visa. The authority has authorized a few medical centres for undertaking the medical examination of the applicants. The medical typing has to be undertaken for the medical examination. Schedule the examination date as per the slots available, and as convenient to you, and appear for the tests. The medical test results would be available in a quick time.

Emirates ID

You need to obtain an Emirates ID. The procedure for the ID must be commenced just after the medical examination. Our Dubai investor visa services offer comprehensive support to clients. Hence, you may not worry about any of the visa formality once you have assigned us the task. The Dubai investor visa would be linked with the Emirates ID for having detailed info about the individual available to the authorities.

Dubai Investor Visa Stamping

On successful completion of all the above-mentioned formalities, you are good to go for visa stamping. There are authorized centres in Dubai for visa stamping.

Benefits of Investor Visa in Dubai 

A Dubai Investor Visa offers you extensive benefits. You can get down to discuss the advantages of the visa with our professionals offering Dubai investor visa services as well. The one-to-one discussion will provide you with further insight into the elaborate aspects of the visa.

The benefits of a Dubai investor visa are:

. Safe, comfortable and secure stay for a longer period than a resident visa

. Investor visa holders can sponsor the family, a business executive, a consultant and up to three domestic workers. The spouse of the Dubai investor visa holder can have the visa for the same period as the individual, i.e. for 10 years or 05 years.

. The ex-pat with an investor visa can travel freely in the other emirates in the UAE

. Has a streamlined visa formality for the other countries in GCC

. The Dubai investor visa holder can open current, savings and investment bank accounts without any hassles, Get personal and corporate loans, Apply for a driving license in UAE, Obtain health insurance and health benefits from the government

The cost for a Dubai investor visa is revised from time to time. Furthermore, the application fee and varying charges are also involved while applying for the visa. The costs for the Dubai investor visa would include around AED 1100 for an entry permit, a change of status request that costs around AED 670, medical test approx. AED 350, and visa stamping charges of around AED 870. You may get in touch with our Dubai investor visa services to confirm the current fee for the visa and associated procedures.

Documents required for Investor Visa Setup in Dubai

Generally, the following documents are required for obtaining a Dubai investor visa. Nevertheless, some additional documents may be necessary depending on your profession or the type of visa you are seeking.

·         Copy of passport of the individual

·         Accounting and audit report provided by the authorized agency in Dubai

·         Previous six month’s bank statement

·         Trade license copy of your firm

·         Immigration establishment card

·         Memorandum of Association (MOA) copy

·         Colour passport size photographs of the individual

The following documents on an applicable basis

o   Partner’s visa copy

o   Partner’s passport copy

o   Copy of partner’s Emirates ID

With the amendment in company formation formalities, that came into effect in January 2021, an expat can set up a business in Dubai with 100% of ownership. Hence, a local Emirati sponsor is not required for any of the activities.

Why Kiltons Business Setup services Investor Visa services in Dubai?

Support from reliable, as well as, experienced Dubai investor visa services would be vital for complying with the formalities without any issues. Pursuing the process may become a complex task if you do everything on your own. Furthermore, you would be spending your valuable time on the process, which would have been effectively utilized in business operations and decision-making.

Kiltons Business Setup Services have been the one-stop solution for company formation, visa formalities, and other formalities in the UAE. We assure you of trustworthy and committed support for getting you Dubai Investor Visa in the shortest feasible time. Established in 1999, we have been the key factor behind the setting up of several successful entities in Dubai and the other emirates in the UAE.

We would be happy to assist you with the best support. You may connect with us right away if you are looking for a professional agency to assist you in obtaining an investor visa in Dubai. To initiate the process, contact us now.