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Sharjah Media City Free Zone or SHAMS has been one of the most chosen Free Zones in the UAE. The Free Zone jurisdiction in the Emirates of Sharjah offers excellent benefits to the entrepreneurs focusing on media, entertainment, and creative fields. Established in 2017, SHAMS is a relatively new Free Zone in the country. Not only that, SHAMS business setup policy permits youngsters to form a company in the jurisdiction. A 19-year old teenager can start a company in the SHAMS domain.

Kiltons Business Setup Services LLC will be your support for company formation in SHAMS or Sharjah Media City Free Zone. Our expert professionals have been pivotal in facilitating company formation in SHAMS, for countless expats and residents. Turning their dream into reality, we cemented our credibility over the two decades of existence.

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Frequently Asked Questions on SHAMS Business Setup

  • Why invest in SHAMS?
    • Although a new Free Zone, established in 2017, SHAMS offers great benefits to the companies in the jurisdiction. Consequently, it is one of the fastest-growing Free Zones in the country. Company formation in SHAMS would be beneficial in several ways.

  • How much is the corporate tax for a company in SHAMS?
    • Zero. SHAMS Free Zone doesn’t levy any corporate or personal tax.
  • Can a person with an existing visa consider a business setup in SHAMS?
    • Yes. This is one of the advantages offered by SHAMS. A person with an existing visa can set up a business in SHAMS. Further, NOC from the existing employer is not required.
  • Which port can be used for export or import of goods for SHAMS?
    • The SHAMS company formation can consider using any port of its choice.
  • Is a business owner in SHAMS authorized to sponsor the family?
    • The business owner in SHAMS jurisdiction is permitted to sponsor the family.
  • Is amendment in business activities allowed after incorporation of the company?
    • Yes, the company can change the business activities after incorporation as well.

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Steps for Company Formation in SHAMS

Although the process of starting a company in the Sharjah Free Zone can be quite complex, Kiltons can assist you every step of the way, ensuring that your company is established smoothly and efficiently, while also minimizing both time and expenses.

Select Company Name

Before selecting a company name, it is crucial to ensure that it does not contain any offensive or blasphemous words. Selecting three or more names for your business would also assist in preventing delays if a name is already claimed by another business.

Choose the Appropriate Free zone and Business Type

Kiltons is here to support you by providing guidance and recommendations on the most suitable free zone, business activities, and entity type for your Sharjah Free Zone company setup. With a single license, you have the option to manage up to three separate business activities.

Submit Application

The next step is to submit the applications along with details such as business name, activity, and other supporting documents. You can also seek the assistance of Kiltons in applying. We can help you with the process, ensuring a hassle-free experience.

Pay Fees

To complete the process of setting up a company in Sharjah Media City, it is necessary to pay the required fees as the final step. After payment, you will receive a confirmation of payment and an estimated timeline for processing your license. Typically, the issuance of a free zone trade license takes around one week.

Types Of Business Structures In Shams Free Zone

Within the free zone, individuals have the option to choose from three different types of structures that are considered permissible. They are: 

  • Limited Liability Company (LLC) (individual) 
  • Limited Liability Company (shareholders)
  • Branch company

Facilities Offered In Shams Free Zone

For companies seeking to establish a presence in the jurisdiction, the free zone provides top-notch facilities that are of international standards. A few examples of these are:

  • Flexi-desk
  • Shared office space
  • Various creative spaces like studios and showrooms.

Shams Free Zone License Cost

If you’re looking for an affordable free zone, SHAMS Sharjah Media City is a great choice. A zero visa package can be obtained for a minimum fee of 5,750 AED. To secure a visa through your company, it is necessary to rent a flexi-desk and allocate 1600 AED for the visa.

  • Trading or service license with zero visa quota costs around AED 11,500
  • Trading or service license with 1 visa quota costs around AED 13,420

Licenses for Business Setup in SHAMS

The SHAMS jurisdiction offers different types of licenses for companies in the jurisdiction. Choose the business license that is more productive for the business activities you are planning. SHAMS Free Zone license can be obtained through an unfussy procedure stipulated by the authority. Thus making company formation in SHAMS a cakewalk for entrepreneurs.

The licenses available for SHAMS company setup are:

Industrial LicenseSHAMS business setup opting to manufacture, assemble, mould and transform items need to have this license. The Industrial License is required for SHAMS industrial company formation.

Trading License A trading license will permit the company formed in SHAMS to export, import and re-export products and goods without limitations. The business set up in SHAMS with a trading license can store, distribute, and sell authorized goods.  

Service License – You must obtain a service license if you are considering company formation in SHAMS that offers different types of services.

Holding License – This license is necessary for SHAMS business setup holding stakes in other companies, which are operating in different fields including real estate, patents, and trademarks.

Benefits of SHAMS Company Formation

Company formation in SHAMS offers you great benefits. It is the only jurisdiction wherein a person of 19 years of age can think of starting a business. Further, employees can be as young as 18 years old. This extends great possibilities to those dreaming of great business ventures since childhood. We can be your best guide in setting up a company in SHAMS and making it a successful venture. The benefits of SHAMS business setup are:

-          Simple, easy and quick business setup process

-          Nil corporate or personal tax

-          Annual audit not mandatory

-          100% confidentiality

-          Permitted to open a corporate bank account

-          No restriction on currency

-          Company owner need not be present for company formation formalities in SHAMS

-          Budget-friendly and cost-effective business setup

Documents Required for Business Setup in SHAMS

You can consider two types of SHAMS company setup, i.e. SHAMS LLC and SHAMS Branch Setup. The documents that are to be submitted will depend on the type of shareholders and the type of company*. Those are:

-          Copies of passports of the owner, shareholder director and designated general manager

-           Board resolution (on as required basis)

-          Memorandum of Association

-          Article of Association

-          Certificate of Incorporation

* You may talk to us to have a detailed idea about the documents required for the company you are planning company formation in SHAMS.

Kiltons Business Setup Services for SHAMS Business Setup

Kiltons Business Setup Services LLC was established in 1999; with an aim to serve the clients dedicatedly to aid them to realize their dreams. We are proud to be instrumental in helping many to realize their dreams. Our relentless efforts and tireless commitment has been pivotal in making many ex-pats and resident entrepreneurs succeed in their ventures.

We promise complete business setup solutions in the jurisdiction of your choice. Our wide network, with experienced professionals, enables us to conclude business setup in SHAMS and other jurisdictions rather quicker than other agencies. Our cordial relations with the royal family and the officials at important positions have been a mainstay in the success of Kiltons.

To discuss SHAMS company formation, or any other queries related to company formation in the UAE, contact us now.

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