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The world has embraced digital technology wholeheartedly. It has intruded into our lives and transformed the way we live, think, and work. Recognizing the rapidly changing scenario and the possibilities offered by information technology, the Dubai government approved the issuance of a virtual license for establishing businesses in the emirate. The Dubai virtual license enables citizens from approved countries to operate virtually from their home. 

Dubai government has stipulated the countries, the nationals of which can apply for the virtual license. The entrepreneurs from countries including India, Russia, Brazil, Pakistan, Nigeria, Saudi Arabia, Uganda, UK, the USA and Canada can opt for the subject license. The process for the application of Dubai virtual company license can be pursued online, without much difficulty.

Kiltons Business Setup Services would be your right support and guidance for obtaining a virtual trade license in Dubai and commencing business operations. To discuss the process, understand the requirements and proceed with Dubai virtual business license, Contact us now. 

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Frequently Asked Questions on Dubai Virtual License

  • Who can apply for a Dubai virtual license?
    • Entrepreneurs and investors across the globe can apply for a virtual trade license in Dubai. Contact us to know the eligibility criteria or refer to the DVCC website.

  • Can the investor use the virtual license for gaining a visa to UAE?
    • No. The investor or entrepreneur needs to submit a visa application separate and the approval would be subject to the discretion of the authority.
  • Can a UAE resident apply for a virtual trade license in Dubai?
    • No. A UAE resident is not authorized for a virtual business license.
  • Which are the business activities allowed under virtual business license?
    • The list of business activities could be obtained from Dubai Virtual Commercial City (DVCC) website. Alternatively, you can contact us to know more and discuss the process.
  • Can a person without a permit in UAE apply for a virtual license in Dubai?
    • Yes. A person without a resident visa or permit can apply for Dubai virtual license.

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What is a Virtual Company License in Dubai?

Before getting down to detail on Dubai Virtual License, let’s have a look at what is a virtual company license in Dubai. 

A virtual business license dubai is similar to a normal Dubai trading license. Only that the entrepreneurs don’t have to be physically present in the city to gain the license or for operating the business. All the business activities could be undertaken over the virtual sphere. The individuals would be subjected to all the tax and auditing rules in the country of their residence. 

The virtual trade license in Dubai covers all the major business sectors. Thereby, offering great benefits to the business professionals, undertaking several business operations in different countries simultaneously. The virtual business license Dubai is available to more than 100 countries. 

Who can apply for the Dubai Virtual Company License?  

Dubai Virtual Commercial City (DVCC) is the organization authorized to monitor, control, and approve license applications and other tasks related to virtual trading licenses in Dubai. Nationals from more than 100 countries can apply for a virtual business license in Dubai. However, they should not be residents in the UAE. Further, citizens from countries including Sri Lanka, Belarus, Iran, Egypt, Oman, Venezuela, and Serbia are not permitted to apply for the license.

The entrepreneurs can choose from the predefined business sectors and proceed with virtual license application in Dubai. They have to file tax returns and pay all the relevant taxes in the country of their residence. Moreover, the company has to pay 5% of Value Added Tax (VAT) in case the turnover exceeds the specified amount. 

Dubai Virtual Company License Application Process

The process of obtaining a virtual company license in Dubai has three stages. The license application process is the final stage in the subject process. Dubai Virtual License Application Process are:

Step 1 – Determine the Business Activity

The entrepreneur must check the list of approved business activities that can get a virtual trade license in Dubai. The subsequent process will depend on the type of business chosen and the prerequisites for the same. The business sectors that can get the virtual license in Dubai include:

- Web development and design

- Fashion designing

- Cybersecurity

- Social media management

- Digital marketing

- Interior design

- Landscaping

- Bookbinding

- Auditing

- Cyber risk analysis and management

 Step 2 – Finalize the Business Name   

The Dubai virtual license would be issued in the name of the company. Therefore, the business must have a trading name before applying for a virtual trading license in Dubai. The authority has stipulated naming guidelines, which has to be pursued whilst deciding and finalizing the name.

The virtual trading company name:

- Should not indicate any political alliance

- Should not have any religious indications 

- Should not be blasphemous 

- Should not have abbreviations

Step 3 – Apply for Virtual Business License Dubai

Register the company on the DVCC website and follow the directives. After registering on the website, the owner needs to upload the following documents that will prove the identity, nationality and address.

- Copy of passport

- Recent passport size photograph, in white background

- Completed application form

- Proof of address

The status of the application can be tracked online. It is advisable to reach out to us to help you with the virtual trade license application process in Dubai. Our professionals will comply with the formalities, on behalf of you, in quick time, aiding you to commence business at the earliest.   

Benefits of virtual business license in Dubai

Undoubtedly, a virtual business license in Dubai is the ideal way to enter such a large market. The benefits of setting up a virtual company in Dubai include:

- Comparatively low license costs

- Easy and quick process

- One of the most rewarding options for freelance professionals

- Great growth prospects with the market being vibrant and lucrative

Kiltons Business Setup Services for Dubai Virtual License

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We guarantee you excellent business through a virtual trade license in Dubai. Our support and guidance would play wonders for you and make you victorious. To discuss virtual business licenses in Dubai, contact us now. 

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