Top 8 Reasons to Invest in Dubai Real Estate

Why invest in Dubai Real Estate?

Many experts who have a precise understanding of the Dubai Real estate scenario have mentioned its evident revival. Yes, the months of June, July and August 2019 witnessed a clear hike in residential sales. Khaleej Times reports a 4-year high increase in the transaction of residential homes in Dubai. The revival is evident both in the case of the volume and value of real estate assets. As per the latest statistics the growth rate recorded is 33.46 when compared to last year. Based on the data gathered by Data Finder, Dubai witnessed around 6618 residential deals in 2018. And the number of deals increased to 8,833 this year. Apart from this, there are many more reasons to invest in Dubai Real estate. For obtaining real estate License in Dubai, Contact Kiltons. We will assist you concerning the most favorable way ahead in the real estate sector.

Increase in real estate value

Experts have also cited the influence of the global mega-event – Dubai World Expo 2020 on the recent revival of Dubai Real estate. 

When it comes to the value of the real estate, mid-2018 witnessed an AED 12.58 billion-worth transactions. 2019 transactions recorded around AED14.94 billion – a hike of more than AED 2 billion. 

The October of 2019, is all set to start the count-down of Dubai World Expo 2020. The event is a 6 months’ mega-event proposed to start in October next year. And the recent statistics are promising. 

Dubai real estate experts unanimously state that the Dubai real estate market has turned out to be in favor of the buyer. The credit goes to the government for its proactive and timely measures in connection with price regulations.

8 Advantages of Investing in Dubai real estate

Here are the top 8 reasons to invest in Dubai real estate.

1.Scope for Innovation 

Dubai is a well-equipped, innovation center with a thriving and developed infrastructure. Dubai has recently witnessed an increase in the inflow of tech-based professionals from all over the world. Department of Economic Development has published an interesting report on the licenses issued in the month of June 2019. Out of the total licenses, 58% were professional licenses. 

2.Diversified, growing economy

Dubai has a diversified economy. Apart from conventional oil and natural gas Dubai earns revenue from multiple sectors like logistics, tourism, retail and wholesale sectors. Tourism and Dubai Expo 2020 would bring a very positive impact on the overall growth of Dubai. 

3.Multicultural society

Dubai is an expat-haven and ex-pats from all over the world thrive and settle in Dubai. Therefore, the population-count is always on the rise and hence the demand for property and residential apartments. Greater the inflow, the greater the demand for real estate. 

4.Low crime rates

Thanks to the strict rules and regulations regarding safety and security. The willingness of foreign investors and job-seeking individuals to settle in Dubai is proof of low crime rates and stable living conditions. 

5.Property tax exemption 

The investors are exempted from property tax. And this is a good reason for investing in Dubai real estate. 

6.Dubai Expo 2020 

The international, 6-months mega event will be conducted in October 2020. Dubai Expo is predicted to bring in 25 million visitors out of which 70% are estimated to be international visitors. The event is estimated to contribute around 1.5% of the annual GDP of UAE, claims EY. Many international businesses would become part of the event. And the requirements for office space, residential space are manifold. 

7.Multiple real estate options 

The property investors have plenty of options to choose from. Investors can either buy a commercial or residential property based on the requirements. 

8.Hassle-free Visa

You can easily get visa documents approved by following the prescribed guidelines and instructions. Residency visa approval, investor visa approval etc can be accomplished without much delay. 

These are the 8 benefits of investing in Dubai real estate. If you have any real estate plans, please do not hesitate to call us. Be it a query or a bit of advice or legal consultation, our business set up consultants in Dubai are equipped and well-informed to help you. 

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