How to Start a Tourism Business in Dubai?

Dubai has attained a prominent spot in world tourism map over a period. The elegant and enticing attractions spread over the emirate have been drawing thousands of foreign tourists every year. As is the case, the travel and tourism business in Dubai has extensive possibilities. Enter into the world of excellent opportunities to expand and reap a fortune. 

Are you an entrepreneur, who wants to make it big in the tourism sector?

Then, you must contemplate the possibility of setting up a business in the tourism sector in Dubai. The travel and tourism company in the country will be the entry point to a prosperous tomorrow. Having identified this, the influx of expatriates seeking to set up a business in Dubai is increasing each year. It is advisable to form a company in Dubai tourism sector at the earliest, to have the best advantage. 

Let’s see the intricate factors and necessities to start a tourism business in Dubai.

What are the Steps to Obtain Tourism License in Dubai?

To begin with, there are three types of tourism licenses in Dubai. Inbound tour operator license, outbound tour operator license and travel agent license. The advantages and business prospects will depend on the type of license. You may consult us if you want to have analyzed data and thorough idea about each.   

Kiltons business setup services has been aiding entrepreneurs for company formation in Dubai and other emirates in the country. Our professionals can provide you with detailed info about the license. And will undertake the business set up process on behalf of you. Thereby, you can commence tourism business operations in quick time. 

The Department of Economic Development (DED) is the authority for issuing tourism license (for that matter, any type of business license). You have to submit the application in the requisite format to the authority, along with the necessary documents, including approvals. You have to register your company with the DED and Dubai Tourism and Commercial Department. The business activities could be commenced after the registration and issuance of business license in Dubai

What are the Documents Required for Dubai Tourism License?

Earlier a Limited Liability Company (LLC), a common business set up in the UAE, had to have a local Emirati sponsor. The local sponsor in Dubai was authorized to have 51% of shares in the company. However, the visionary leadership has amended the requirement with effect from 01 Dec 2020. Therefore, presently ex-pats can establish a business entity with 100% of ownership. You may reach out to us to know the details and further implications of this decision. 

The documents required for obtaining a tourism license in Dubai are:

  • Filled application in the stipulated format
  • Photocopy of valid passports of the owners/ shareholders
  • Certificate confirming the work and other qualifications of the applicant (s)
  • Good conduct certificate
  • Proof of clean criminal records
  • Business plan and feasibility study report, indicating the mode of operation and profit analysis
  • No Object Certificate from Dubai Civil Aviation Authority

Commercial Activities that can be undertaken with Tourism License

The tourism license in Dubai offers you a wide spectrum of possibilities. You can explore the options optimally to grow. Support from our professionals will add to your strength. And will amplify your reach.

The commercial activities that are permitted with a business license in Dubai are:

  • Provision of exclusive tourism packages and custom-tailored trips through both online and offline methods
  • Offering and sales of travel insurance to clients
  • Accommodation services
  • Car or other conveyance rental services
  • Sales of flight and railway tickets through both online and offline channels

What are the Advantages of Tourism Business in Dubai?

There are several advantages to starting a tourism business in Dubai. A few of them are:

  • Optimal growth possibilities
  • Investor-friendly political regime
  • 100% ex-pat investment allowed
  • Increasing tourist footstep every year, promising a great growth to your entity
  • Option to choose tourism license according to your choice
  • Easy and unfussy business set up process

Get Tourism License easily with Kiltons Business Setup Services 

Kiltons is one of the most reliable business setup services in Dubai serving clients since 1999. We are proud to be the guiding light for realizing the business dreams of ex-pats and residence for more than two decades. You can talk to our professionals to gain a detailed insight into the factors that can enhance your business. 

Dubai tourism sector is witnessing a quantum leap with the introduction of new tourist attractions and advanced features. A company formation in the tourism sector in Dubai will be the best idea that can turn you into a successful entrepreneur. 

To know more about setting up a travel company in Dubai or to expand your tourism business in Dubai, contact us now. 

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