Who Are the Best Business Setup Consultants in Dubai, UAE?

If you are content with a one-line answer, I would say the best business consultants in Dubai, UAE are the ones who are registered and experienced and offer the business setup services in a very professional and dedicated manner. 

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If you search on Google, you may end up with too many business set up consultants in Dubai that offer attractive packages in connection with company formation, licensing, sponsorship services, etc. And finally, it would become a tough task to pick the best one out of the lot. So, in order to resolve the crisis, I would suggest a few parameters that will surely help you make the apt decision. And those parameters are listed below.

  • Professionalism, trustworthiness, and reliability – Trustworthiness and reliability are the virtues that are not created within a short duration of time. It needs years of consistent and dedicated service from the part of a business establishment to prove its trustworthiness and reliability. Therefore the experience of the business consultant in the domain of business consultancy and a proven track-record are two important parameters that you need to consider.  Very informal interaction with the business consultant over the phone or via email helps you gather vital information. If the consultant was able to provide the answers for all your queries it gives a hint of their professionalism, expertise in the domain etc. Reliable firms always make themselves available for their clients and prospects. Well-established and credible firms will have a dedicated and professional customer service or support team.
  • Credibility – Always contact a registered and authorised agent for the purpose of business setup in Dubai. The credibility of the firm is an important factor especially when it comes to business setup.
  • Video Testimonials – Video testimonials are going to help you a lot in picking the best service provider. Video testimonials, as you may know, are the video reviews offered by the clients in connection with their association with the business consultant. It gives you a hint about the client’s relationship with the business consultant, whether the client is happy or not with the services offered etc. These video testimonials are usually provided by the company CEOs or managers or a top official.  Company CEOs will never dedicate their precious time for a video testimonial if they are not happy or content with the services provided. These videos are usually uploaded on the official website of the business consultant. Therefore, check those video testimonials. It’s an easy and effective strategy. Isn’t it?

Why assign the business setup tasks to a business consultant?

  • Business setup consultants possess the required expertise and experience in handling the entire intricacies of company incorporation in Dubai and UAE. 
  • Save the most valuable and precious time by assigning the tasks to an experienced, external agency.
  • Company Incorporation deals with many legal matters and therefore legal assistance from a consultant can help.
  • The laws, rules, and regulations associated with Company Incorporation may change; therefore the most updated knowledge regarding the business formalities is very essential. Only a capable and experienced consultant will be able to handle the same.
  • Depending on the business activity, it might become mandatory to get external approval from government or non-government agencies. Getting external approval is not an easy task and requires adequate business contacts and expertise. Setting up industrial concerns, manufacturing units, factories etc might require external approvals from various agencies. In these scenarios, the assistance from a registered business setup consultant comes in handy.

Kiltons Business Setup Services LLC is a well-established and experienced business setup consultant that operates in Dubai and UAE. Being in the business setup domain for more than 2 decades in the UAE, Kiltons cover the A to Z of company formation. Kiltons has a rich and diverse clientele that ranges from start-ups to big business houses and MNCs.

Highlights of Kiltons Business Setup services

  • One of the best Company Incorporation services for UAE mainland, Free zone and offshore jurisdictions.
  • Quick and professional approach.
  • Provides a responsible and reliable UAE national sponsor.
  • Dedicated Ruling family sponsor facility.
  • Handles the processing and renewal of Employment visa, Investor visa, Tourist visa etc.
  • Provides the most suitable office spaces based on the clients’ requirements.
  • Complete assistance in connection with the issuance of trade license.
  • Assists businesses in the opening of bank account.
  • Undertakes company liquidation procedures with utmost responsibility.
  • Undertakes intellectual property rights registration.
  • Handles accounting services like VAT registration, Returns filing and Accounting and Bookkeeping.
  • Dedicated PRO services.

Conduct detailed research on the various business activities and business jurisdictions in the UAE. The UAE government is pro-business in all aspects and provides assistance and encouragement to investors in abundance. Have an understanding of the UAE culture and demography. Kiltons is a proven and trusted business consultant who has clients mainly in the Middle-east, Asia, Africa, and Europe. For further assistance, you may contact Kiltons’ advisors.

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