Why You Should Consult a Professional Team For Visa Documentation In UAE

You will require a visa to enter UAE for various purposes including job and business. There are different types of visas, viz. business visa, tourist visa, employment visa and so on. The visas differ according to each requirement. Visa services in Dubai can help you in easing the process for the visa. In this blog post we are looking at Why Should You Consult a Professional Team For Your Visa Documentation In UAE?

The procedure for obtaining a UAE visa is less daunting compared to most of the other countries. The UAE government has been welcoming ex-pats interested in establishing business firms and seeking employment in the country with open hands. Although it is simple, the lack of adequate information or misinformation can confuse you regarding the process. There are also renowned visa consultants in Dubai, ready to help you through it. 

Entry permit, which is also called a pink card, is the basic approval for entering the country. You can request your family members, business firms or other organisations to issue you an entry permit. Once you are in UAE, you can further proceed with submission of application for a residence visa or work visa.

The normally followed procedure is to obtain a job in a company located in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah or any other region in UAE. Once you have a job in a reputed firm, they will process all your visa requirements. Many of the organisations provide visas to spouses and children too. You do not have to bother about anything related to visas in that case. 

You must possess an entry permit, UAE identity card and resident visa before applying for a work permit or labour card. Considering the paperwork and number of offices involved in the activity, it is advisable to utilise any of the visa consultants in Dubai for the job. Their professionals will complete the formalities on your behalf. Recognising the benefits of visa services in Dubai, most of the individuals assign the task to a reputed visa consultancy firm.

Documents Required for the Process

A set of documents and certificates are to be submitted along with the application for a visa. This will aid the official agency to enter the applicant’s ethnicity, type of job, family details and other details in the system.


The original passport and an adequate number of copies of relevant pages have to be forwarded with the application. The passport must be valid at least for 06 months from the arrival date in UAE. The authority will not approve a visa in case the validity period is less than that. You need to submit scanned images (in JPEG format) of the passport also.

Emirates ID card

The Emirates ID card is a prerequisite for applying for a visa. Your details in the ID card should match with Passport. Any kind of mismatch or irregularities can end up in rejection of application for a visa. You may have to correct the errors and reprocess the application in such cases.

Medical Certificate

Medical certificate indicating your health status is a mandatory requirement for a visa. The UAE government is strict in this regard. The authority has to be sure that you are perfectly healthy and does not have any life-threatening diseases or health complications.

Entry Permit Issued by the Ministry of Labour, UAE

Every individual must have an entry permit issued by the ministry of labour in the UAE. You are not authorised to enter the country without the same. You must submit the permit in original for processing of visa.

Copy of Company Card

The agencies have to identify the company you are working with. Hence, a copy of the company card has to be included in the documents.

Copy of License of the Company

The firm, where you are working, must have authorisation from the relevant ministry for operations. The company will have a license approving its jurisdiction, type of business and other key aspects. You must produce a copy of the license of the company to the visa-issuing authorities.  

In addition to the above, the authority may seek other requisite documents. You may have to produce those as directed by the visa issuing authority. Further, all application forms must be filled in “Arabic” only. An experienced translation service will be vital for correct filing of applications. Unwarranted mistakes can jeopardise your visa process.

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Any error can result in unnecessary paperwork and unwanted delays. Therefore, it has to be ensured that every data entered in the application is perfect and all the certificates are in the required formats. Our clients have lauded the proper and transparent dealings by the professional staff at Kiltons. The dedicated approach has resulted in a steep rise in clientele since the inception of Kiltons Business Setup Services LLC, Dubai. 

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