Major Facts You Need to Know About Dubai Expo 2020

Dubai Expo 2020 – facts you need to know

The first World Expo or World’s Fair was held a century back – to be precise in 1851, at London. The London Expo showcased the technological innovations of the industrial revolution era – the period that witnessed the transition of the manufacturing sector. Yes, it was long back !! The World Expo has a long legacy in the post-industrialization history of mankind and it’s not at all an exaggeration. The telegraph was a technological innovation of those times and the same was showcased in the London Expo. 

Electricity was a technological advancement of the early 20th century and was showcased at St. Louis World’s Fair held in 1904. Another technological advancement of the late 20th century – the mobile phone was part of Osaka World’s Fair held in 1970.

Quick facts about Dubai Expo 2020

27th November 2013, the day on which Dubai’s bid to host the mega event was officially acknowledged - witnessed humongous celebrations all across UAE. The Dubai residents would always remember the display organized at Burj Khalifa as part of the celebrations. 

Dubai Expo has the unique recognition of the first Expo being held in the MENASA group of countries. (Middle-east, North Africa and South Asia). Dubai Expo 2020 has a wonderful, promising theme - “Connecting Minds, Creating the Future”. And the sub-themes are Sustainability, Mobility and Opportunity. The geographical location of Dubai, a centre stage of a vast geographical area has a special advantage in terms of convenience and time. Dubai is easily accessible from Europe, Asia, Africa and the middle-east. Dubai Expo 2020 is a 6-month event, scheduled between the months of October 2020 and April 2021.

About 190 countries would participate in the global event, as per the latest reports. It is estimated that around 25 million visitors may attend the mega event during a span of 6 months. 

Dubai Expo 2020 – for sure is going to be the global hub of the world’s brightest minds of myriad capabilities. The prime emphasis shall be given to innovation, cooperation and human creativity. The event would turn out to be a precursor of change in the global context. The intellectuals, investors, speakers, innovators, technicians from all over the world would attend the Expo and share their views and ideas regarding the most relevant, international issues. The Dubai Expo would serve as a platform to discuss burning issues like climate change, biodiversity, sustainable living, employment, transportation, etc. 

Around 30,000 volunteers of various nationalities and age would offer their valuable services for the event. 

After the Olympics and the FIFA World Cup, Dubai Expo 2020 is likely to be the 3rd largest international event that has both cultural and economic implications. 

The Al Maktoum International Airport 

The Al Maktoum International Airport serves as the gateway to the Dubai World Expo. The expo-location has close proximity to Al Maktoum International Airport. In connection with the event, the airport plans for serious expansion. In order to meet the passenger and cargo requirements, the airport plans to increase the existing capacities. The revised capacity is 220 million when it comes to passenger handling and 160 million tons for cargo. After completion of the expansion phase, the Al Maktoum International Airport would attain the world’s largest status.

Dubai South

The Dubai World Expo site encompasses a vast area of 438 sq.kms located in Dubai South. Dubai South is a new, full-fledged city being built in world-class standards and infrastructure. After completion of Dubai South project, the Emirate as a whole would experience a transformation. Dubai South is a master-planned city that has so much to offer in connection with business setup and urban community living. 

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