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Kiltons Business Setup services LLC is committed to realizing your dream of having your own business in the UAE. Established in Dubai, Kiltons has helped a host of big and small companies successfully set up their businesses over the years. It’s backed by this experience that Kiltons guarantees to provide hassle-free and full-fledged business setup services. Whether you are an established business person, an emerging entrepreneur or somebody setting their foot in the SME sector, we totally free you from the tiresome procedures to set up your business. Kiltons opens up an effortless path for you to do business in this country of endless opportunities. We offer the most economical business setup and promotional services within the scope of your budget and business models.

Company Profile

Kiltons has been recognized as one of the best companies in the UAE that provides exceptional mainland business formation services. We’re also the first company in the Emirate which facilitated an extremely easy payment system using credit cards for the entire process of business establishment. Our services range from establishing private limited and free zone companies to setting up off-shore businesses, and forming virtual offices to dealing with official procedures. Kiltons also provides a number of business developing services, which include accounting, marketing, corporate branding and so on, because we understand starting a business is just the beginning of your journey towards success.

Our Company History

The year 1999 marked the beginning of Kiltons Business Setup Services LLC, a company founded by Mr. Mohamed Riyaz Kilton, which transformed the lives of countless entrepreneurs. He is part of the fourth generation of Indian Expats who settled in the UAE in 1948. With roots in Kerala, Kilton’s grandfather C. Hamza Abubaker came to the UAE in 1948, led an exemplary life and left behind a legacy that is cherished and honoured by his family even today. Before coming to the UAE, Abubaker ran a restaurant in Karachi and headed to South Africa from Bombay in 1948 after the partition of India. On his way from Bombay to South Africa by sea, he had to make a brief stop at Sharjah port for a few days due to unfavourable weather conditions. Abubaker, who then found a job in Sharjah, made the bold decision to open a restaurant. The hotel, called Bismillah Hotel, was located inside the Souq Al Arsah and was said to be one of the first establishments of its kind in Sharjah. Thanks to the Sharjah government's efforts, the place remains intact as a heritage area. Abdul Kader, Kilton's father, was brought to Sharjah in 1962 as the business flourished.

At the age of 13, Abdul Kader, a young teenage boy, joined his father in the business. He was responsible for operating a kerosene-powered refrigerator for the restaurant, as electricity was still unfamiliar to the residents in Sharjah. Abubaker later decided to close down his restaurant and enlisted in the British Army of Trucial States. In 1965, Abdul Kader joined the British Army, known as the Trucial Oman Scouts at the time. He later became part of the UAE Armed Forces and held the position of Sergeant Major WO-II (Warrant Officer). He had been honoured with diplomas and certificates from various Italian companies and as a result, the UAE government sent him to Germany in 1991 to pursue further technical studies. Abdul Kader proudly carried his military and defence ministry ID cards, along with a good service certificate awarded to him by His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum in 1991. Abdul Kader was one of the founding members and former president of the community group Kerala Muslim Cultural Centre (KMCC). He previously held the position of president in Malayali Samajam, which later evolved into the Indian Association Sharjah. He was also involved in the formation of the Sharjah Indian School.

Later, Kilton, a recipient of the Indian Presidential Award for Scouts in 1994, also relocated to Dubai to join his father. In 1999, Abdul Kader embarked on his entrepreneurial journey by establishing a business set up service firm called Sheikh Abdullah Management Consultancy (SAMCO) in Sharjah. Over time, SAMCO underwent a rebranding and transformed into Kiltons. Since 2002, Kilton has been working with his father and has now assumed positions on the director board of various entities, including the Hope Child Cancer Care Foundation. Today, Kilton Business Setup Services has evolved as one of the premier establishments in the UAE that cater to the diverse needs of entrepreneurs who dream of starting a business in the region. 

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